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The Stardusters bandleader, Mark Stolte, is nephew to the original bandleader, Paul “Ziggy” Zimmerman, of the Big Band era Stardusters. In a transition period between bands in 2007, and in an effort to pinpoint a direction in style of music and entertainment along with a new name, Mark and his uncle tossed around the idea of maybe using the name of Uncle's old band. They both liked the idea, thus beginning the new era of the Stardusters. Mark and his Stardusters are now performing a wonderful variety of Swing music, Waltzes and Latin rhythms from this great period the late 30's, thru the 40's and early 50's. The Stardusters feature a variety of musical styles and can accommodate with as small as a 2 piece or as large as a 13 or 17 piece Big Band. The Stardusters Band is an easy listening combo with a very danceable repertoire. They are a truly enjoyable musical experience and you can hear them performing in clubs, restaurants, and private venues throughout Fresno and the Central Valley. The Stardusters are dedicated to the preservation and the continued live performance of this and all the great music that came to us during the most awesome of musical times, the Big Band era!

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